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Tax laws are continuously changing, I can help you benefit in following those laws.


Let me take the heat for you!
I'm Robert F. Carroll a Certified Public Accountant in Windsor, Connecticut.

I opened my office in 1989 seeking an opportunity to help people succeed in their businesses, realize their long and short term financial goals, to comfortably cope with regulatory agencies and receive equitable treatment.

Success for an accountant is always measured through the success of his clients. However each client has his or her own success comfort level.

These comfort levels include a planned and balanced accumulation of assets, sense of personal security, opportunities of self-determination, being held in esteem in the community and the capacity to help their families. These are not all money issues but relate to the success the accountant should help his clients achieve.

Good accountants like their clients, even the troubled ones. The challenges faced together foster a sense of sharing in the effort of trying to do well and making things better for the clients and their families.

Many clients face challenges with tax issues, planning issues, timely filing issues, or retirement issues. I share technical support while keeping your dignity and self esteem in mind as the proper solution unfolds.

Most importantly I enjoy helping clients meet their civic responsibility, by paying only the taxes they owe and planning for the future as well as watch those plans reach fruition.

After more than 26 years the satisfaction of helping others continues to be the driving force behind my business.

- I've provided quality personalized financial guidance to individuals and businesses.

- I have expertise in tax reporting and planning services and financial planning.

- I hold a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Central Connecticut State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Western New England College.

- I complete over 40 hours of continuing professional education annually.

Robert F. Carroll - Windsor, Connecticut - - (860)688-9021